Tuition in Singapore

Tuition in Singapore

Over time, the world of tuition in Singapore has evolved into a complex ecosystem. Despite many having engaged tutors previously, few truly grasp the intricacies of this industry.

Common Questions About Tuition in Singapore

It’s no secret that tuition is a widespread practice in Singapore. Many students dedicate their after-school hours to additional tuition or enrichment classes. Here are some of the top questions parents often ask:

Why Do Parents Send Their Children to Tuition?

Education Minister Ong Ye Kung emphasized one of the key principles of the education system: “lift the bottom, not cap the top.” The Ministry of Education (MOE) focuses on providing extra support to weaker students rather than stifling the progress of high-achieving students. The tuition industry complements the local education system by ensuring no child is left behind. It aids weaker students and those with special learning needs, enabling them to keep pace with their peers. For many parents, private tuition plays a pivotal role in their child’s overall success. We believe that every parent simply desires the best for their child, motivating them to provide all available resources.

What Is the Tuition Culture in Singapore?

Singapore undeniably embraces a culture of tuition, evident in the increasing number of tuition centers. Those who have experienced Singapore’s national exams understand the associated stress. The demand for tuition largely stems from students preparing for these exams. Peer pressure and competition among parents and students further drive the need for tuition. We tend to be a bit competitive when it comes to grades. Singapore’s “Kiasuism” culture encourages parents to offer extra support to their children to prevent them from falling behind their peers. Some parents consider tuition a safety net for their children. When it comes to their child’s education, parents spare no effort to provide the best resources available!

How Much Do Tuition Teachers Earn?

The earnings of tuition teachers have piqued everyone’s interest. Super tutors in Singapore such as Anthony Fok recently made headlines for earning over $1 million annually. Moreover, many local MOE teachers are transitioning to private tuition, attracted by higher fees and improved work-life balance. A private tutor’s salary depends on various factors: such as the teaching setting – Private tutor or tutor at a tuition centre, number of students they instruct and the level of qualifications.

In Singapore, private tutors can earn between $35 and $50 per hour for primary and secondary school students, and $50 to $80 per hour for JC students. Former or current MOE teachers command higher rates, ranging from $55 to $80 per hour for primary and secondary school students and $100 to $200 per hour for JC students.

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