Economics in Singapore context

Singapore Context Economics Essays

  • Discuss the best policy option that the Singapore government could adopt to reduce the adverse impact of the global financial crisis in the year 2008.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) system and Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) in managing traffic congestion in Singapore.
  • Using the relevant elasticity concepts, account for Singapore’s decision to open the Integrated Resorts.
  • Assess the various policy measures that the Singapore government currently adopts to reduce inequality in income distribution and consider whether new policies will be required.
  • With reference to examples, discuss whether there is a need to change the current policies adopted by the Singapore government in the market for healthcare.
  • Consider whether market-based solutions are the best way for the Singapore government to correct market failure that results from the existence of a negative externality.
  • Explain how Singapore’s balance of payments might have been affected by the global business cycle in recent years.
  • Explain how and why Singapore uses exchange rates rather than interest rates to control inflation.
  • Discuss whether a surge in inflation is more likely to affect the domestic or external sectors of the Singapore economy.
  • Consider whether high household savings is always beneficial to Singapore.
  • Explain the determinants of housing prices in Singapore.
  • Assess the view that the Singapore government should use taxes rather than any other economic policies when dealing with the market failure associated with negative externalities.
  • Analyse the recent sources of inflation in Singapore and assess whether low inflation should be the main macroeconomic objective of the Singapore government.
  • Explain why Singapore signs FTAs with other countries.
  • Assess the extent to which globalization has changed Singapore’s pattern of trade.
  • Assess the effectiveness of the policies implemented to solve the problem of traffic congestion and the possibility of government failure in implementing these policies in Singapore.
  • Assess whether China’s growth is a threat or a benefit to the Singapore economy.
  • Discuss the view that direct provision by the government is the most effective policy to adopt in tackling the sources of market failure in the healthcare industry in Singapore.
  • Explain the possible impacts that Free Trade Agreements have on Singapore’s economy.
  • Discuss whether a tightening monetary policy is the best policy to maintain Singapore’s favourable current account balance.

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