Command Words

Command Words for A level Economics

Outline: Give only the main points of a theory, situation, or topic in a concise manner.
State / Identify: Identify and clearly express the main features of a theory.
Suggest: To mention / propose a possibility.
Describe: Provide details of the main features or characteristics of an object, theory, or event.
Explain: Detailed and clear coverage of the subject matter, giving convincing reasons to support your answers.
Illustrate: Clarify or explain something by use of examples/diagrams.
Compare: Point out the differences or similarities between two or more things.
Contrast/Distinguish/Differentiate: Point out the differences between two or more things.
Analyse: Suggests a detailed answer, involving breaking down a concept or topic into its component parts or essential features in order to examine or determine their relationship.
Discuss/Examine: Detailed and careful investigation of the subject matter, looking at the arguments for and against.
Justify: To explain or defend your decision or judgement through arguments, supporting evidence, consideration of objections, and/or explanation of the decision-making process.
Assess/Evaluate: Judge the worth of something or some statement. Do not be concerned with seeking a ‘correct’ answer. Very often there is not one, and the examiner is more concerned with the strength of your arguments for and against, and the rationale underlying your answer.
Comment on: Say something that gives you opinion about it or an explanation for it.

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