Economics Group Tuition Schedule

                              JC 1 (2022)

Saturday Sunday
10am to 1130am (Tampines)
5pm to 630pm (Bukit Timah) 245pm to 415pm (Bukit Timah)

                           JC 2 (2022)

Saturday Sunday
12pm to 130pm (Tampines)
245pm to 415pm (Bukit Timah) 5pm to 630pm (Bukit Timah)


Fees for JC 1 students (Year 2022):

$420 / 4 lessons + one-time $120 material fee per year (non-refundable)

Fees for JC 2 students (Year 2022):

$440 / 4 lessons + one-time $120 material fee per year (non-refundable)

More information:

  • All fees are inclusive of 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST).
    GST Registration No.: 201431776E.
  • There is no trial lesson available due to limited vacancies.
  • Should there be 5 lessons in a month, the tuition fees will be pro-rated accordingly.
  • There is no pro-rating of material fee as the materials for the earlier lessons would be given to your child. The material fee is payable every academic year.
  • Upon confirmed registration, the tuition fees will remain unchanged for the rest of the year, provided there is no break in payment of fees. However, if a student stops attending for any reason and does not pay the fees for the missed lessons, then upon rejoining the class he/she will be charged the higher fee.
  • As this is a group tuition, the fees will be payable regardless of attendance. There will not be any refund of tuition fees if students miss lessons.
  • Students with financial difficulties can email [email protected] with more information. We can consider a waiver of the tuition fees for students under the MOE’s financial assistance scheme. Terms and conditions apply.

To register, please SMS/Whatsapp your child’s full name, selected timeslot and school to 8251 3684. You will receive a confirmation SMS/Whatsapp upon successful registration.

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