R.E.A.D Methodology

At JC Economics Education Centre, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive and effective tuition service to help students excel in their A Level economics exams. Our tuition programme is designed to provide students with the tools and skills they need to succeed in the exam, and we achieve this through a range of unique features that set us apart from other tuition centres.One of our core features is the real-world application of economics concepts, with a special focus on the Singapore economy. We believe that understanding the economic principles and concepts that drive the Singapore economy is essential for success in the A Level economics exams. Our experienced tutors will guide students through the practical application of these concepts, providing them with a deep understanding of how economics works in the real world.In addition to our focus on real-world application, we also provide students with examination techniques and proven tips to score ‘A’ in their A Level economics exams. We understand that exam technique is essential for success, and we work closely with students to help them develop the strategies and skills needed to perform at their best on exam day.

Our tutors are also available for ‘after tuition hours’ consultation via WhatsApp and email. We understand that students may have questions or need additional support outside of tuition hours, and we are always available to help. Our tutors are happy to provide guidance and support to students, helping them to overcome any obstacles or challenges they may face.

Finally, we provide our students with a comprehensive database of JC economics resources. Our database is constantly updated with the latest information and resources, including past papers, model essays, and more. This helps students to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field of economics and to access a wealth of information and resources that can aid in their revision and preparation for the A Level economics exams.

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