Macroeconomic Aims and Policies

Topic: Macroeconomic Aims and Policies

  1. Discuss the view that a strong Singapore dollar is the most appropriate policy to maintain price stability.
  2. Explain the causes of unemployment in Singapore.
  3. Examine the view that the Singapore government should use fiscal policy to reduce unemployment.
  4. Explain how the current global recession would impact Singapore’s economy.
  5. Discuss the likely impact of a fall in worldwide interest rates on the Singapore economy.
  6. Explain the macroeconomic impact of higher food and fuel prices on the Singapore economy.
  7. Explain how the undesirable effects of rising oil prices will impact Singapore’s economy.
  8. Discuss possible measures that Singapore can adopt to lighten the undesirable effects of rising oil prices.
  9. Explain the internal and external factors that will likely cause inflation in Singapore.
  10. Discuss whether Singapore has implemented the most appropriate policies in recent years to maintain price stability in its economy.
  11. Assess the role of foreign direct investment in achieving economic growth.
  12. Compare the use of supply side policies and demand side policies in solving unemployment.
  13. Explain the effects of an increase in investment by firms on output and prices in an economy.
  14. Discuss how the Singapore government influences private investment to ensure sustained economic growth.
  15. Discuss how effective interest rates alone might be in controlling inflation if the rate of inflation were to become unacceptably high.
  16. Explain the possible causes of inflation in Singapore.
  17. Discuss whether a low rate of inflation should be the economic priority of the Singapore government.
  18. Discuss the relative importance of trade and investment in achieving economic growth in Singapore.
  19. Discuss whether the Singapore government should change its current policies for controlling inflation.
  20. Explain the effects of the United States of America (USA) slowdown on the Singapore economy.
  21. Assess the effectiveness of the current policies adopted by the Singapore government to improve the economic performance in an economic downturn.
  22. In view of globalisation, discuss the appropriate policies that the Singapore government should use to achieve its internal macroeconomic aims.
  23. Explain the main macroeconomic goals of the Singapore government.
  24. Discuss the conflicts that may arise between the pursuit of full employment and other macroeconomic policy objectives.
  25. Discuss how the characteristics of being ‘small’ and ‘open’ has influenced the policy options of the Singapore government.
  26. Explain why the impact of a world-wide recession on Singapore is a cause for concern for the Singapore government.
  27. Consider whether the Singapore government’s pursuit of price stability will conflict with other macroeconomic objectives.
  28. Discuss the view that a strong Singapore dollar policy has been the most appropriate policy in overcoming the main economic problems faced by Singapore in recent years.
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