International Trade

Topic: International Trade

  1. Explain the causes of a balance of payments deficit on the current account.
  2. Discuss the measures a government should adopt to correct its balance of payment deficit on the current account.
  3. Explain why trade occurs between developed and developing countries.
  4. To what extent do Free Trade Agreements determine the pattern of trade between Singapore and the rest of the world?
  5. Discuss whether countries should resort to trade protectionism when faced with an economic crisis.
  6. Evaluate the arguments for protectionism in light of the current global economic downturn.
  7. Explain whether it is true that the artificially depressed yuan resulted in US’ trade deficit.
  8. Discuss whether protectionism is the best policy for the US to resolve the unsustainable imbalance in its trade account and fiscal budget.
  9. Discuss the extent to which Singapore’s network of FTAs will help to achieve her macroeconomic objectives.
  10. Explain the possible causes of US’s current account deficit.
  11. Discuss whether protectionism is the most effective policy to deal with a balance of payment deficit.
  12. Using suitable examples, explain any two methods of trade protectionism.
  13. Discuss whether adopting trade protectionism is the best policy in recent recession.
  14. Explain the economic case for free trade for developing countries.
  15. Comment on the view that globalisation is beneficial to developing countries.
  16. Discuss whether domestic or foreign factors are more likely to affect the balance of payments of Singapore.
  17. Explain the impact of globalisation on the components of aggregate demand in an economy.
  18. Explain if the pattern of China’s exports is consistent with the theory of comparative advantage.
  19. Discuss the impact of globalisation on an emerging country like China.
  20. Discuss the above assessment of the effects of globalization on the American economy.
  21. Discuss whether globalisation been of benefit to the Singapore economy.
  22. Discuss appropriate policy measures that the Singapore government may undertake to increase the net benefits of globalisation.
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