JC Economics tuition centre taught by Dr Anthony Fok, economics tutor in singapore

JC Economics tuition centre taught by Dr Anthony Fok, economics tutor in singapore

  1. Structured Weekly Lessons that Cover all Topics

JC Economics Education Centre provides a well-planned tuition program with experienced and qualified tutors who conduct structured weekly lessons that cover all economics topics systematically, up to the A-levels. These lessons aim to establish a strong foundation of economic principles and concepts that are then applied to real-world situations.

  1. Comprehensive Notes for Every Chapter

Our tuition program includes comprehensive notes for every chapter of the economics syllabus, which also offers a summary of the most important concepts and ideas that students need to understand. These notes simplify content learning for students and provide an effective tool for revising and refreshing their understanding of each chapter.

  1. Provision of Model Essays and CSQ Answers to Different Question Types

We offer full-length model essays and case study question (CSQ) answers to different question types across all economics topics. These model essays and CSQ answers help students understand the structure and requirements of each type of question and develop the skills required to excel in the economics exams.

  1. Essay Writing Techniques and Case Study Answering Framework

Our tuition program includes personalized guidance from our experienced tutors to help students develop essential skills such as essay writing techniques, critical thinking skills, and a case study answering framework. These skills are necessary to tackle every type of exam question in the economics syllabus.

  • Lesson Video Recordings

We provide lesson recordings for all economics tuition classes that can be accessed by students at any time. These recordings serve as a useful resource for students to revise and refresh their understanding of each lesson, particularly for those who missed a class or need to revisit a particular topic.

  • WhatsApp Support   

Our experienced tutors are available to offer WhatsApp support and pre-exam consultations to students outside of class hours. This additional support ensures that students have the guidance and resources they need to succeed in their economics exams. Pre-exam consultations help students to prepare for their exams and provide additional guidance on how to approach different types of exam questions.

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