Will my child benefit from economics tuition?

Will my child benefit from economics tuition?

What is ‘economics’?

Economics refers to a study of scarcity and how it impacts a variety of complex social issues, including how resources are used, how goods and services are generated, how output and welfare rise over time, and a wide range of other complicated issues that are extremely important to society. It is a multidimensional field that impacts politics, law and society on a global scale.

How important is economics?

The study of people is at the core of economics. It aims to clarify the motivations behind people’s actions, choices, and responses to challenges or victories. With its integration of politics, sociology, psychology, and history, economics is a rich field. By studying economics, you may better learn how to think strategically and make wise decisions to maximise results.

Studying economics is also important in developing life skills as its concepts and theories can be applied to everyday life. By understanding economics, past, present, and future models can be applied to society, governments, businesses, and people, which can give you a larger perspective on life.

Can economics help in getting my child to university?

If your child has shown the aptitude to succeed in economics, you may want to continue nurturing your child’s interest in studying economics at university. There are a couple of undergraduate courses with a focus on economics, including financial economics, economics, international development, public policy, business administration, and more.

Are there any careers that are based on economics?

As a parent, you might be unsure if studying economics at university will lead to rewarding career prospects for your child. It is beneficial to know that studying economics equips your child with various in-demand skills, such as high levels of numeracy skills and the ability to interpret data. Studying economics can be the gateway to numerous careers such as banking, anthropology, services for business consulting and financing, urban planning, government law, non-profit organisations, public policy, and more.

How JC Economics can help your child in economics

If your child has expressed interest in studying economics in university or pursuing it as a career, it is a good idea to start preparing your child to do well on economics examinations. A strong economics foundation beginning in pre-university would be necessary for undergraduate studies or a job in the field. This can be accomplished by enrolling your child in economics tuition to ensure that he or she is familiar with economics theories and concepts as well as applying them in real-world situations.

At JC Economics, we take pride in our rigorous economics tuition classes which give students lots of hands-on practice in writing essays and case studies. For them to better understand examination criteria and ace their examinations, we also offer a full suite of in-depth notes and essay structures. Online Economics tuition is also available via our on-demand videos are where you can purchase based on the required topic or case study. Furthermore, we strongly encourage students to read economics news to give them practical knowledge they may need to answer examination questions. To learn more about how you can support your child to pursue a future in economics, register for our classes today!

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