Should I take a business or economics degree?

Should I take a business or economics degree?

Many students find themselves at crossroads choosing between economics or business administration as a university degree. However, this decision leads to a bright future for the students.

Economics and business degrees are both important and have their own strengths in their respective fields. Both subjects give students competitive job opportunities, though their academic focus and coursework offer different job opportunities for post-graduates.

Job opportunities for an economics degree 

Students with economics degrees are most suited to jobs that involve mathematical and statistical analysis. Many hold positions in banks or as junior market analysts. Other job opportunities for economics students are:

  • Economists – Economists assess data, identify trends, and make predictions of the future economy.
  • Market analysts – Analysts of the market enhance sales and determine pricing levels by accurately predicting competitors’ data. 
  • Economic consultants – Consultants support organizations by constructing custom reports, and making market suggestions and fiscal policy recommendations. 
  • Day traders – Day traders gain profits by purchasing and selling securities without holding them for a long time. 

Job opportunities for a business degree

Graduates with business degrees can serve a wide range of careers and organizations in the following positions:

  • Accountants – Accountants create financial reports and prepare tax documents by reviewing the financial records and budgets.  
  • Organizational managers – Corporate managers aid the company by leading teams, planning projects, and managing resources. 
  • Actuaries – Actuaries calculate financial risks by using their mathematical and statistical skills. 
  • Marketing manager – The marketing manager’s job is to run advertising campaigns, establish connections with consumers, and create messages that increase the sales of products and services. 

Economics or Business: Which one is the right subject for you?

Deciding between an economics and a business degree is tough, as they both offer fast-paced challenges, high salaries, and are multifaceted. For students capable of working with complex ideas, economics is likely the better choice, as economics subject is the perfect blend of mathematical skills with psychological skills. If you are looking for a more comprehensive education line, you should go for a business degree.

Either way, students can use their skills to catalyze the success journey of any company, government, or organization.

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