Best Economics Tutor Anthony Fok

Best Economics Tutor Anthony Fok

Economics tutor Anthony Fok is the founder and principal tutor of JC Economics Education Centre. The founding of JC Economics was the product of his dedication to share his passion and knowledge in economics to his students. With a master’s degree in education and currently pursuing a Ph.D. in education, he is devoted in designing his tuition lessons with the best teaching methods to ensure that his students learn with the best. He also teaches the lessons personally to ensure that the quality of his lessons is not discounted.

Every lesson is planned carefully with learning objectives to meet. This assures that his students achieve in understanding the skills for the A-Level economics examinations. The lessons will cover the economics topics in the A-level syllabus, followed by going through various examination question types. Students will be taught on how to analyse the questions and to identify the question requirements. A step by step approach to applying the economics principles and evaluating answers will be taught in class.

Apart from setting learning objectives, tutor Anthony Fok also ensures that he weaves in real-life examples and his own personal anecdotes into his lessons. He is a firm believer in teaching through sharing his own experiences as he feels that students will be able to draw a relation to the experiences to the economic principles, thereby making remembering economics concepts easier. On the other hand, his experiences sharing make lessons more interesting and less mundane.

He also recognises that the learning needs of students in the economics subject also needs to be addressed even after tuition lessons. By providing his students with his mobile number, students will be able to get their queries answered immediately. He encourages his students to ask him any economics questions as it helps them develop a lifelong positive learning attitude and that students can go on with their revision quicker. 

In preparation for the JC 1 Economics promotional examinations and JC A-Level examinations, the Intensive Revision Programmes are tailored to make revision for economics effective. Some of these programmes include case studies workshop and topic centred workshops (e.g. market failure, economic policies, etc.). Tutor Anthony Fok makes sure that these revision contents are concise for easy revision and students’ examination skills are strengthened. Students will be able to gain useful examination strategies and tips to apply in their economics paper.

His results can be seen in his former students’ achievements in excelling their A-Level economics examinations and moving on to further studies in prestigious universities. Economics Tutor Anthony Fok has also been featured in various media platforms such as news articles and television programmes as one of the best tutors in Singapore. These appearances prove his success as an effective economics tutor to his students. While his teaching methods are useful, he also credits all his students’ hard work in practicing the essential skills for economics and their diligence in studying for the economics subject.

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