Is JC Economics the best economics tuition for you?

Is JC Economics the best economics tuition for you?

With so many economics tuition around Singapore, choosing the right economics tuition for yourself is a difficult task. There are many conditions for you to consider before picking an economics tuition to give you the right guidance. Here are some factors that makes JC Economics one of the best choices for you:

1. Location

It is important for the tuition centre to be close to your home or to your school. This is to ensure that you will not be tired out from the endless travelling and your precious time would not be wasted on long journeys. JC Economics tuition centre is located at 3 areas: Bukit Timah, Tampines and Kovan. With 3 locations to choose from, you can pick the location closest to your home or school easily.

2. The Economics Super Tutor

JC Economics tuition lessons are personally taught by the founder and principal tutor Mr Anthony Fok. With a passion for economics and experience as a former Ministry of Education teacher, he dedicates himself to sharing his economics knowledge to his students. He makes sure that every economics lesson is up to the best standard as he strives to deliver quality economics lessons to his students.

3. Teaching Methods

At JC Economics tuition, economics concepts are taught in an effective and concise way. These concepts will then be applied to questions. Many economics examination questions will be gone through in an elaborate manner on how to identify question types, how to analyse the question on hand and what are the question requirements. Answering strategies and techniques will be demonstrated to students, and students will be given opportunities to apply these skills during in class work.

Aside from that, Mr Anthony Fok enjoys sharing his personal experiences to his students to link the economics concepts to the real-world situations. He believes that using his own accounts will not only make the lesson interesting but also aids in helping students remember the economics concepts better.

4. Personalised Interaction

Every student has different needs and pace in learning economics. Mr Anthony Fok gives his mobile number to his students so that they can ask him any economics questions anytime when they need any clarifications or help. He is happy to help as he sees the efforts that his students put in to discover more about economics and to develop their skills in the subject. He is also open to giving feedbacks on students’ own work as he feels that students will be able to learn and improve on their answers more through his comments.

5. Testimonials and Achievements

Many former students taught by tutor Mr Anthony Fok have improved substantially and achieved outstanding economics results for their A-Level examinations. Furthermore, he has appeared in numerous news articles and other media outlets such as Channel 8 and Channel 5 featuring him as a “super tutor”. These are a sure testament of the results of his teaching style.

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