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Economics Study Tips – 5 Easy Ways

Studying for economics is not tough at all if you know how to study smart and right. Not sure how to study for economics and looking for economics studying tips? Here are some tips for you:

1. The basics

Always have a positive learning attitude in school. This means attending all lectures and tutorials and doing your homework before class. School is the main source of knowledge and where you spend most of your time at on weekdays, so it is always very important not to skip any classes. Doing your homework before class also helps teachers meet their teaching objective for their economics lessons and to also facilitate class discussions more easily. Teachers may also give hints on what they may test for school-based examinations hence it is always good to be present for all classes.

2. Plan your time

Time management is crucial in revision. Always set a schedule on what you want to revise on that day. With a revision schedule, it helps you to prioritise which economics topics you want to focus on first. For example, you can set more revision time for weaker economic topics. Having a well-planned schedule could boost your motivation in revising for your examinations as you are able to keep track of your own progess

3. Make your own economics notes based on your own learning style

Everyone has different learning styles and needs. It is important to craft your notes that helps your picture the contents and concepts easily to suit your learning needs as economic concepts can be very complex. Some students may learn better with mind maps while some students prefer notes in point forms. Whatever way you choose to craft your revision notes, ensure that It is the right approach for your needs. If that certain way does not fit your revision needs, change your way of making notes to another style.

4. Practice, practice, and more practice

Economics is not just about memorising. Economics requires critical thinking skills to make sound judgements and the skills to apply and explain economics concepts correctly. For H2 Economics students, essay writing also requires practice to write in a structured manner. With continuous practice in examination style economics questions, you will be able to apply the answer skills without any difficulties. You will also be more exposed to different question types, which will help you become better prepared to face the questions posed in the examination papers.

5. Ask for help

Never suffer in silence, always approach for help. Nobody will know that you are struggling to grasp economic concepts if you do not speak up to clarify your doubts. You can always ask your friends for help first as they are the closest person you can find. If you are still unable to get your questions answered, approach your teachers or consider enrolling into economics tuition to make understanding economic concepts better.

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