How to score in Case Studies?

How to score in A level Economics Case Studies?

  • Read the questions carefully by following the instructions.
  • Pay attention to the key command words and focus.
  • Have a set of data-handling skills (both statistical and textual knowledge).
  • Have a good grasp of the underlying economic theories.
  • Manage your time wisely by paying attention to the marks allocation. Avoid writing irrelevant answers.
  • Make use of appropriate and relevant diagrams to explain your economic analysis.
  • Trend description question typically carries 2 marks.
  • Do not describe the variable in a chronological manner. i.e. quote or describe the data line by line or year by year.
  • Long descriptions of the data gain little credit.
  • Do not say that the “trend is fluctuating”.
  • Answer should be short and sharp. By looking at the description, one should have an idea how the variable changes over time.
  • First mark: identify what is happening to the value of the variable. i.e. establish the general direction of the trend by statin whether the value of the variable that you are measuring has increased, decreased, remained stable, fluctuating, etc.
  • Second mark: provide a meaningful refinement or enhancement to the description of the trend in any of the following form: the rate of change, exceptions, reversals, or change to the level of volatility.
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